Publishing & Internet Services

Publishing Contract Review

  •   Book Publishing Agreement
  •   Editorial Agreement
  •   Literary Agency Agreement
  •   Collaboration Agreement
  •   Independent Consultant Agreement
  •   Software License Agreement
  •   Amendments to any of the above

We will:

  •   Review the proposed agreement or contract
  •   Answer your questions
  •   Give you specific advice on the issues
  •   Make suggested revisions
Services not included in flat fee:
  •   Review of business or real estate sale agreements
  •   Lengthy or complex contracts
  •   Rewriting the contract
  •   A formal, written legal opinion
  •   Attorney time in excess of 2 hours
  •   Negotiation with the other party

Legal Fee:

Contract review:                $575.00

Copyright or Trademark Consultation


  •    Republishing out-of-print works
  •    Rights of freelance writers in magazine articles
  •    Responding to, or making, a copyright infringement claim
  •    “Fair use” issues
  •    Establishing a trademark
  •    Permissions
  •    Who owns the copyright in a book publishing agreement?
  •    Rights to use photographs

We  will:

  •   Review your copyright or trademark question and any relevant documents you submit
  •   Discuss your concerns and issues with you
  •   Advise you of the next steps to take

Services not included:

  •   Preparation or filing of a document or letter to any third party
  •   Discussion or negotiation with any third party
  •   A formal, written legal opinion
  •   Attorney time over 1 hour
Legal Fee:

Copyright and Trademark Consultation:     $475.00

Web Site Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

We will:

  •   Discuss your website with you
  •   Prepare a T.O.S. & Privacy Policy for your website that matches your needs

Services not included:

  •   A formal, written legal opinion
  •   Attorney time over 2 hours
  •   Further services from after your Legal Service has been completed

Legal Fee:

Website Terms of Service                 $375.00

Privacy Policy                                   $275.00