A Very Brief History of Litigation

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Litigation is as old as civilized history: evidence of trials exists in the hieroglyphic stone tablets of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the scrolls of Rome and Greece, and even the ideographs of the Chinese dynasties. For instance, Pliny the Youngest (Caius Plinius Caecilius Secundus Junior) wrote:  “If a citizen’s concubine falleth beneath the wheels of a neighbor’s horse cart, the Praetor Urbanis should order that the neighbor payeth the cost of the physician’s cure, in recompense for the citizen’s suffering in being deprived of the...

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Negligence Primer

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Negligence Basics Defenses Professional Negligence Strict Liability Intentional Torts Workers Compensation Negligence Basics What is “negligence?” Negligence is conduct which breaches (violates) your duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent harm or injury to another person. If, for instance, you like to imitate movie car chase scenes and you drive your Camaro at seventy-five miles an hour down a one-way street, causing a four-car pileup, you have breached your duty to drive safely and can be held liable (responsible) to the injured persons...

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